Established in 1987. Irish Equestrian Club

A wide range of horses and ponies are available for lessons with the Equestrian Team, catering for all riders from beginners to advanced. All teaching staff employed are qualified and teach Hunter style flat and jumping classes. Weekly lessons are coordinated with Lucky Horse and class schedules. 



First time riding? Never even seen a horse? Never fear! The Equestrian Team accepts people of all ability levels for team membership. With the team’s affiliation with the IHSA, the team often looks for people who can fit specific spots- like the walk trot class- for competition. If you are not looking to compete with the team, club membership often is a fun way to get introduced to riding.

Members who returning to riding are placed in lessons according to ability level for their respective flat and jumping classes.

Members who have competed and jumped extensively in rated shows often are placed into the IHSA intermediate or open divisions for competitions.

Horse owners looking to bring their horses to Notre Dame should inquire with Kerry Hilgendorf for availability at Lucky Horse.  While IHSA competition does not allow riders to compete with their own horses, riders may practice and take lessons with their own horses or with our team horses.